“Change your thoughts
and you change your world. "

Norman Vincent Peale

Fitness Coaching

Save time and money while meeting your fitness goals!


  • Helps to do the mental homework of self-discovery- digging deep to find values; motivators and fitness vision that will move the client develop and maintain a fit lifestyle.
  • Helps to decide on the exercise behaviors the client is ready to adopt on a regular basis at the gym, home or while traveling.
  • Help clients develop and commit to a fitness plan and goals for every day.
  • Helps client to overcome obstacles to establishing exercise in their daily routine.
  • Helps clients establish a fit lifestyle that they can maintain with or without a fitness coach for the next phase of their lives.
  • Can conduct telephone fitness coaching sessions when clients aren’t available for training sessions.
  • Empowers the client to make changes on their own.

Process of Fitness Coaching:

  1. Client Questionnaire completed on line
  2. Client Assessment in person
  3. Coaching Sessions – phone or alongside personal training
  4. Fitness Vision (Outcomes, Motivators, Behavioral Goals)
  5. Three-month behavioral goals
  6. Success – Client establishes new fitness behaviors.

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