“ You are what  you think about...
 to laugh."

Patti Joyce   


What our clients have to say:

"Patti trained me during our production of "Power Walk & Positive Talk". She is an amazing trainer focused on results, her belief in your success helps you not to give up & achieve your goals. I would highly reccomend Patti to anyone who is focused on results. She has been an inspiration to me for over 20 years!"

— Sharon Robinson, California

"Patti’s knowledge and application of Pilates, exercise, the body and nutrition is excellent. I have learned to move in a fluid motion that keeps me aware of my breathing. It allows me to take care of myself, build muscles and to strengthen my core. Aside from the benefits I have received from Pilates, I have also received the benefit of a trusting instructor and friend."

— Kelly, Prospect, KY

"Hi Patti! And THANKS for the walking lesson last week. I’m pleased to report that I’m stretching more, walking taller and using the heel-ball-toe stride (when I think of it!). You were more than kind to share your expertise with us. Lynn and I will think of you as we amble through D.C.this October. Thanks again."

— Nancy
    Breast Cancer 3-Day Walker

"Patti is a sophisticated trainer not only in her technical skills, but in her charm and the motivation she instills in her clients. She walks her talk and is a role model for how to live a balanced life. Let the world get to know this exceptional person. Her mere presence motivates us to try and do better for ourselves!"

— Cavett M. Robert Jr. M. D.
    Concord, California

"Patti is an individual who carries herself with concern and professionalism and for the quality of work she performs. Her experience working in the fitness industry is readily apparent to anyone watching who observes her training sessions. Patti practices what she preaches, which translates to an ability to coach individuals with a legitimate passion. Any health oriented business would do well to allow Patti the opportunity to work with it's members."

— Brian McGladrey, MA, CSCS
    Fitness Manager
    Lafayette, CA