“How many
of us forget
to breathe,
as simple as
it seems? "

Patti Joyce.


Is Pilates For You?

Pilates is the answer for anyone that is seeking a greater sense of well being, a solid foundation and a mind-body connection.  Pilates challenges all levels of fitness from someone deconditioned wanting to get fit to the elite athlete looking to improve.  Top notch athletes such as Tiger Woods have already incorporated Pilates with their training programs for mastering sports like golf, tennis, baseball and football.

How do I get started?

Health Clubs, Health Spas and Pilates Studios offer private Pilates sessions and group Pilates Mat classes.

Beginners can start with the basic Pilates Mat exercises performed in a group class. Most classes are one hour and vary in formats and styles based on the instructors certification and experience.   Some classes use props such as stability balls, foam rollers and magic circles. It is recommended to start with a beginning class to learn the basic exercises and then move on to the intermediate level.

Pilates private sessions are taught by a qualified and certified Pilates Instructor and are another good place to start.  The instructor has been trained to work with clients on specially designed apparatus developed by Joseph Pilates. The most commonly used are reformers which utilize springs to create resistance.  Other types of apparatus may be used based on the clients needs. 

Can I do Pilates with an injury?

You should always consult with a medical doctor or care provider before exercising with an injury. With any stress or pain that continues for more than 10 days, get the professional advice from your doctor. Use common sense as you would with any new exercise program and listen to your body!

How about if I am pregnant?

If you have been participating in Pilates prior to pregnancy most likely you will be able to continue.  You can work with a certified Pilates Instructor on precautions and modifications to your program as needed. It is not advised to start Pilates after you become pregnant or if you have a high risk pregnancy. You can look forward to getting in shape with Pilates after your have your baby!

How much time does it take to see and feel the benefits?

Coming from experience, Joseph Pilates said “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions, you will see the difference and in 30 sessions, you will have a whole new body.”  

When you are consistent with an exercise program that includes, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training 3 - 4 times a week you should reap the benefits within 30 days.  Most participants feel better right away.  Your program should also include a healthy eating plan with plenty of water and time for rest and recovery.

Should you give up on your current exercise program?

Pilates can easily be added to your exercise program if you are already doing some type of strength training at least 2 times a week.  It’s a good idea to have variety in your program to stay physically and mentally challenged. Cross training with Pilates will give you the overall fitness benefits that cannot be achieved by participating in just one sport or activity.

Is Pilates for you?

You will know when you make the commitment to try it.

You have the power to be the best you can be!